Alumni search by online database

Alumni search is online database for AHI alumni to find other alumni or their organizations and contact them.
To use the database, please click here <LOGIN>.

*The ID and the password  are exclusively for AHI alumni.
If you don’t know the ID and the password, please contact us.

 Information included in the Database:

–   Name of the participant
–   Nationality
–   Training Course
–   Organization
–   Information of organization (tel, e-mail, website, target groups, expertise)
–   Information of participants (e-mail, target groups, expertise)

 Security and Privacy:

–   Both Online Database and database under the management of AHI are protected by full security system.
    Therefore, no one can access or change the original source of the Database.
–   Contact e-mail address of AHI alumni will be made public only if he/she agrees.
–   If there is any information that you do not want to be included in the Database, please inform AHI immediately.

 How to Use

Please click here to LOGIN to access to Online Database.

 Modification of the information in the Database:

If you need to modify or change the information, for example when you retired or moved to other organization, please inform AHI by e-mail or the Inquiry form.
To modify the information, click here <Inquiry form>.