AHI provides the opportunities to develop learning community for those who are challenging on people empowerment towards changing society. Through each program, we aim to form and collaborate to develop and strengthen the learning community.

Form the core of learning community


International Training Course (ILDC)

International training course (ILDC), a group learning program organized by AHI in Japan, serves as a starting point for the participants to experience "learning by themselves" through sharing and reflecting themselves. Applying participatory approach throughout the program, the participants learn to own the program contents and processes. <click photo for more details.>


Japan Program

Japan Program provides a learning opportunity for those who have been working on various issues in the community in Japan through sharing each experience for a possible step for changing society.

Collaborate for developing learning community

After ILDC, the participants (then alumni) continue leveraging their learning experience in their activities/projects.

▶ For the recent programs, check Learning Community <click here>.

▶ For the past programs are as follows.

Area/issue-based workshop

Alumni and their organization organize participatory workshop for further learning on specific themes. <click photo for more details.>

Realizing action plans of alumni

Alumni and their organization make an action plan based on their learning from ILDC and implement it. <click photo for more details.>

Advocacy and networking

Alumni and their organization/network build up international solidarity among alumni for adovocacy on the issues affecting health and well-being of people. <click photo for more details.>

Communicate and Share

Alumni and their development partners can connect AHI as a platform for further communication and sharing information among them in order to enrich their learning community.

▶ Communication and Sharing Information

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