Online workshop “Ongoing Crisis Situation in Sri Lanka to explore the roles of civil society in mitigating emerging challenges”

Date & time: June 16, 2022  14:00-16:00 (JST)   Format: Online (Zoom)

Participants: 18 Participants (AHI alumni and their working partners)



1) To understand the current socio-economic and political situation in Sri Lanka
   -how has this disrupted normal life in the country,
   -what were the structural causes, policy mistakes, which led to the present crisis.
   -what challenges do we foresee further.

2) To explore the roles of the civil society and the government to overcome this situation?

3) To explore the lessons for other countries to learn from Sri Lanka crisis and actions should be taken by each/in solidarity

Organizing team members

Pradeep (NAFSO, ILDC 2015)
Francis (NAFSO, ILDC 1995)
Jesu (NAFSO, ILDC 2010)
Raajan (NAFSO)
Wasantha (VOICE, ILDC 2015)
Ruwan (VOICE, ILDC 2019)
Siva (HDO, ILDC 1997)
Loges (HDO, ILDC 2005)
Darshi (HDO)


Overall situation in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka- We are in a top of a volcano”


Youth campaign for system change, photo: NAFSO
Sectoral specifics - what we are doing with people

Plantation workers




(Jesu and Raajan)


People with disabilities







(Shamil Rathnasooriya, MONLAR)


Free trade/Garment workers

(P.K.Chamila Thushari, Dabidu Collective)



Responding to the questions and comments raised by the participants, plenary discussion on the possible roles to mitigate the given challenges was held. They raised ideas of possible actions that people as well as NGOs (AHI alumni) can work on together.

Future action

Organizing team is planning actions for short-term issues. Discussion for long term issues will also be followed.


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