New General Secretary assumes AHI office

Effective July 11, 2023, Kagumi HAYASHI stepped down from the role as General Secretary, and Kyoko SHIMIZU was appointed as a new General Secretary of AHI.

We, as one team, are excited about the future of AHI and look forward to continuing our mission for society where each person is respected, valued and lives in well-being.

Message to AHI alumni

I am honored to assume the position of General Secretary.

AHI has embarked on a journey to create “Learning Community”, and this is not a journey starting from zero. It is built upon the foundation laid by AHI alumni, their partners of the organizations and communities, the supporters in Japan and the ex-staff members. 

  Also, it must be expanded and facilitated together with the above all in collaborative learning process. From there, we aspire to foster a new era of learning that transcends the boundaries in Asia including Japan. We believe that it paves the way for the future.
Let us embark on this journey together!


     I like to express my great gratitude to everyone for the concerns and cooperation extended to AHI. Our 40 years’ experiences to work together with community health and development workers has brought us another exciting challenge, that is, building “learning community” among community activists in respective Asian countries, including Japan. Being inspired by this, I heartfully ask for continuous and even larger collaboration to AHI.

Kagumi HAYASHI (former General Secretary)

Kagumi Hayashi