Our expectation for the engagement in ILDC 2024

ILDC 2024 will be held with involving Mr. Syed Abdus Salam, The Centre for Disability in Devlopment (CDD), Bangladesh as a coordinator.  Mr. Salam is one of the alumni of ILDC 2023. It is aiming to enhance networking and leverage each learning from ILDC among our Learning Community members. 

Here are the comments from Mr. Salam and his organization.

As a working partner

Mr. A.H.M.Noman Khan, Executive Director, CDD

Since our establishment in 1996, CDD has been dedicated to fostering an inclusive society for persons with disabilities in Bangladesh. Our overarching goal is to create ‘an inclusive world where all persons with disabilities live with dignity’. 

The theme of ILDC 2024, “People empowerment through participatory approach for sustainable and inclusive community,” strongly aligns with CDD’s core mission and vision.

We firmly believe that engagement of Mr. Salam as a coordinator would provide him with the opportunity to further develop his skills and capacity, directly contributing to our organization and the success of ILDC 2024.

For proceeding our step forward, we believe that our involvement will pave the way for new collaborative opportunities towards building an inclusive society for all.

Broaden my prospects toward cross-cultural collaboration

Mr. Syed Abdus Salam, Associate coordinator, CDD (ILDC 2023)

My journey with ILDC began in 2023 when I had the privilege of participating in the ILDC. The four-week training proved to be a transformative experience for me, encompassing not only learning and enjoyment but also serving as a catalyst for self-reflection.

The incredible spirit of volunteerism displayed by AHI’s volunteers left an indelible mark on me. Their dedication instilled in me a profound appreciation for the power of collaboration and community engagement.

Through this training, I gained valuable insights into the significance of a participatory approach and learned how to create an environment that fosters active engagement among participants. The commitment and passion demonstrated by the entire AHI team, including staff members and volunteers, in successfully organizing the training piqued my curiosity and admiration.

The invitation to join the ILDC 2024 as a coordinator is not only an honor but also a strategic alignment with my professional aspirations. It presents a chance for me to deepen my understanding of organizing participatory course, leveraging the expertise of the AHI staff members. Being part of such an international initiative will not only allow me to contribute to the success of the ILDC but will also offer a unique platform to explore diverse perspectives, cultures, and social norms.

I am confident that my passion for inclusivity, strategic mindset, and dedication to continuous learning align seamlessly with the objectives of ILDC. I am eager to contribute meaningfully to the success of ILDC 2024, fostering an environment of excellence and collaboration.

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