AHI supports the alumni of ILDC who take an initiative to create further learning opportunities so that they can deepen their learning among alumni and their development partners. The area/issue based workshop is hosted and co-organized by the alumni and their organization/alumni’s committee in collaboration with AHI. The workshop calls on other alumni from various countries to share experiences and engage in an in-depth case study with field exposure.

Area-based workshop

2015 Rajshahi: “To Appreciate, Connect and Cooperate”
2013 Karunataka: “People’s participation in Community Health & Role of NGOs.”
2014 Kerala: “Holistic Health for People and for Ourselves”
2011 Andhra Pradesh: “The role of NGOs in the current national rural health mission”​
Thailand (Mekong sub region)

Issue-based workshop

2010 Siem Reap: “Peace Building through Community Health and Development”

Partnership for Development in Kampuchea (PADEK)

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2014 Tanay: “Empowerment of Indigenous Peoples through Community Participation for Sustainable Local Health System”

Alumni of Integrative Medicine for Alternative Health Care Systems (INAM) Philippines, Inc.
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Thailand (Mekong sub region)
2019 Bangkok: ”Multi-sectoral Collaboration for Health in All Policies at Local Level – The Case of Thailand-"

Alumni of National Health Commission Office (NHCO)
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