Area: Lahore, Pakistan
Project period: 2014-2021
Organized by: Mr. Hector Nihal (ILDC2013) , AIDS Awareness Society (AAS)


In Pakistan the young NGO staff, especially living in remote and deprived area, have had less opportunity for taking training. Also, the unstable political situation in those area has made it difficult for young people with different background to gather and exchange their own experiences. Mr. Hector Nihal participated in ILDC 2013 and wished to provide a venue for young NGO staff would empower themselves and build peace within their community through joining hte participatory training course.


AAS organized a participatory training for local young NGO staff in Lahore to improve their leadership and communication skills and to address community development issues within their organization and communities.

In 2021, a alumni network named LIFE Alliance has been established. It has regional groups which would  recommend participants for PCLDC from their own areas and follow up with the participants after the course.