ILDC 2023 – Follow up program for the alumni of ILDC 2021 and 2022

*ILDC 2023 finished!


This course focuses on improving strategies to enhance the leadership skills of young community people and promote their participation in discussion and decision making in community development. Specific course objectives will be developed collectively in the course based on the discussion around the outcome of each participant’s field experiences applying the learning from ILDC 2021 and 2022.


Participants as resources

Participants are learning resources and are responsible for their own and others’ learning.

Feeling, thinking and actions

Learning is more powerful when feeling, thinking, and action take place together at the individual and group level.

Learn from processes

The process of learning becomes the contents of learning.

Training method

1) Participatory approach

• Participants decide not only the specific objectives but also details of the schedule, contents, and methods.

• Participants design and lead sessions such as case studies, workshops, and discussions based on their own experience.

• Participants moderate, report, and reflect on activities throughout the course.

• Participants reflect, discover, and develop the leadership qualities as health and development workers through a group process with people from diverse backgrounds.

2) Live-in style in an intercultural setting

• Participants will stay at the AHI dormitory in shared rooms. Living together, including sharing such daily activities as cooking meals, washing dishes, and cleaning the dormitory facilities offers participants opportunities to work with people from different cultural backgrounds and to learn from each other.

• The time out of sessions is an integral part of the course because it is then that participants have rich opportunities for informal sharing and discussions and building connections among themselves.


Youth Empowerment for Making Change.


August 28th (Mon) to September 24th (Sun), 2023

Course Outline and Report Form

*This course is a follow-up program of the alumni of ILDC 2021 and 2022. AHI is NOT calling for new applications.


Secretariat for the training program

2023 ILDC participants


Yarngamla Wungkhai (Ayar)

Youth group member

Khamasom Khayangkho Katamnao Long (KKKL)


Shah Rahnuma Binte Jalal Sarna (Sarna)

Assistant Coordinator

Centre for Disability in Development (CDD)

Syed Abdus Salam (Salam)

Associate Coordinator

Centre for Disability in Development (CDD)


Tehreem Aftab (Tehreem)

Training Officer

Blue Veins


Hasham Mehmood (Hasham)

Information Secretary

Youth in Positive Action (YIPA)

Rehan Gill (Rehan)

Finance Manager & Youth Coordinator

Research, Advocacy and Social Training Institute, Pakistan (RASTI)


Amamn Zoraiz (Aman)

IT officer

Riverside Development Organization (RDO)

Sri Lanka

Thadshayini Thavachchelvam (Thadsa)

District Youth Coordinator

National Fisheries Solidarity (NAFSO)

Manamalage Pradeep Laksiri Fernando (Laksiri)

Youth & Environmental Coordinator

National Fisheries Solidarity (NAFSO)