Workshop “Most Significant Change Technique for Monitoring & Evaluation”

The online workshop by AHI alumni who applied their learnings of the program on “Learning on diverse views and values of people in health and development”.  The organizer of the workshop, IPHC (Philippines) says, “the experience opened a new learning in the conduct of evaluation using the community stories of successes and challenges.”




Development Association for Self-reliance Communication & Health (DASCOH)

MD. Akramul Haque (ILDC 2008)
Md. Reazul Karim

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“Before the workshop, I’ve heard that “the MSC technique was introduced as a participatory M&E that requires no professional skills compared to other M&E technique which we’re using”. But from the experience of IPHC, we understood that facilitation, listening and note-taking skills are required.”

Centre for Disability in Development (CDD)

Taslima Akter (ILDC 2015)
Md. Monjurul Karim
Shafayat Hossain
Niaz Murshed

“The MSC technique is a right tool for the marginalized community to evaluate if the interventions were effective or not for them. Besides, it is very effective technique for us, the project implementer, to reach deep into the community people and to listen to their real feelings.”


Center for Mental Health & Counselling (CMC)

Neha Shreshta
Sushila Baral

“We can present the most significant change stories in the report to the donors.”

Independent Living Center (ILC), Lalitpur

Krishna Gautam
Bharat BC
Anupam Bhattarai

“The workshop helped us to build our internal and external capacity to do M&E.”​

Sri Lanka

VOICE Area Federation (VAF)

Lakshantha Hettiarachchchige

“It guides us to narrate the impact of the projects, and thereby inspires the generations to scale up similar approaches to positive social change.”​


Health And Share Foundation (HSF)

Siriwan Arsasri (ILDC 2011)
Ladda Waiyawan

It was very nice and helpful for us to learn and exchanged from the experiences about MSC tools for M&E. Although MSC has many steps to follow, it became clear about the whole pictures when IPHC shared their experiences. We would like to use it for a mid-term evaluation of our project.”

1st session (Jan.26)

Overview of the session
Introduction to MSC
MSC Steps #1-6
Group discussion on Case stories (Exercise)
Reporting & Processing
Assignment for session 2

2nd session (Feb.24)

Sharing experiences of in the conduct of MSC (Assignment)
MSC steps #7-10
Review of IPHC’s case of MSC steps #1-10

Followup session on interview(Mar.13)

Scope of the domain
Key characteristics of semi-structured interview
Attitude and skills to be a good interviewer
Interview exercise

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