AHI supports the alumni and their organization to implement the project developed from alumni learning from ILDC.

Criteria for support

The projects should:

  • be initiated by the alumni and their organizations,
  • ensure people empowerment and involvement of other stakeholders in the community,
  • be possible to have lessons learnt for sharing with other alumni.
  • assure sustainability after the project is completed.


Participatory Community Leadership Development (PCLDC) (2014-)

Collaborated with:
Mr. Hector Nihal (ILDC2013), AIDS Awareness Society (AAS)

Participatory training for local young NGO staff and volunteers to improve their leadership and communication skills and to address community development issues within their organizations and communities.
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Healthy Lifestyle Promotion Programs (2011-2018)

Collaborated with:
Alumni group: Asosasyon ng mga Nagkahiusang Alagad sa Kalamboan -New Corella (ANAK-NC)

Health promotion activities run in collaboration with local residents and the local government in 4 barangays (later expanded to another 4 barangays) of the municipality New Corella to prevent and cure non-communicable disease.

Enhancement of community Health Care System for indigenous people in Tanay and General Nakar  (2012-2017)

Alumni of Integrative Medicine for Alternative Health Care Systems (INAM) Philippines, Inc.
Community-based health programs initiated by the community health workers.

Community Based Psycho-social Awareness Project (2014-2016)

Ms. Bina Silwal Wagle (ILDC 2004), KOPILA - Nepal
Programs for psycho-social well-being within their communities to support counseling and forming the self-help group.

Sri Lanka
Plantation Education Development Project (2014-2016)

Mr. Perumal Pitchai Sivapragasam (1997), Human Development Organization (HDO) & Satyodaya Center Research and Encounter
Promoting supplementary education based at public schools in the plantation areas.

Training for Ethnic Minority Leaders (2013-2015)

Ms. Marie Princy Henarath Arachchige Dona (ILDC 2009), Janawaboda Kendraya (JK)
Leadership training for Thelingu group.